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Stories Change Power helps team members at mission-driven organizations – from new professionals to experienced leadership – understand the power of advocacy communications and embrace their role in maximizing impact through people-centered, research-based programming anchored in respect, candor, and growth.

We provide:

Cohort-based programming for new professionals entering the field of advocacy communications to build a knowledge foundation and professional community to support their work, including ongoing mentorship after completion;

Cohort-based programming for leaders of mission-driven organizations for knowledge exchange and to gain tools to ensure their organization generates effective advocacy communications;

1:1 coaching for new professionals and leadership; and

Customized organizational trainings, including stand-alone webinars and speaking engagements.

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New Professionals

New Professionals

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As a new professional in the field of advocacy communications, you want to make a difference. You believe in the mission of your …

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1:1 Coaching

In addition to our cohort-based support, we provide individualized coaching to new professionals in the field of advocacy communications. 

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Whether you have questions, are seeking professional development, or simply want to share your thoughts, we're here to listen. 

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